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T.M.S.T Treatment kit
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Do the T.M.S.T. products carry a Kosher certificate?
Answer >>
All T.M.S.T. kit products carry the Mehadrin Kosher certificate, by the EdahHaredith Rabbinical Court.
Is it recommended to continue using the products after onemonth?
Answer >>
The kit is designed for one continuous month usage and allows complete healing. In cases where the patient is suffering from psoriasis for many years, it is recommended to continue the treatment with an additional kit. This is also the case for extreme cases of psoriasis.
The T.M.S.T. dosage seems excessive. Can I take less?
Answer >>
No. The recommended dosage is the optimal dosage for success. Any change in dosage or consumption can jeopardize the success of the treatment.
Must I take all the products in the system together?
Answer >>
Yes. The supplements must be taken together, at the same time. Supplement consumption must be precise and uniform, due to their synthesis and absorption in the body.
Is the T.M.S.T. manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices?
Answer >>
The products are manufactured under the Good Manufacturing Practices, GNP iso 9002 and HCCP, as indicated on the product label.
Do the formulas contain gluten?
Answer >>
The formulas in the kit do not contain yeast, wheat, soy and gluten and are manufactured with no preservatives, no food coloring and no artificial food flavoring.
Does the system have any side effects?
Answer >>
During the first two weeks, a skin reaction might occur, that can seem as a severing of the situation. Please note this is an essential reaction that shows the treatment is active and successful. This usually disappears within a few days.
How long should I use the T.M.S.T. system for?
Answer >>
The system must be used for one month (30 consecutive days), while adhering to accurate consumption of the supplements and the nutritionist recommendations.
How long will it take before I start seeing significant results?
Answer >>
T.M.S.T. works holistically on balancing the body systems and acts in different places simultaneously. You will be able to see changes after two weeks of usage, but the full effect will be visible towards the end of the treatment.
What is the best time to take T.M.S.T.?
Answer >>
T.M.S.T. works best when used 3 times a day, with 7-8 hours intervals between consumption, i.e. morning, noon and evening.
Is T.M.S.T. approved for people with diabetes and /or with high blood pressure?
Answer >>
Yes. All the ingredients in the kit are adequate for people with diabetes and /or high blood pressure. Furthermore, they contribute to proper functioning of all body systems.
Are there any indications against T.M.S.T.?
Answer >>
People who use medicine such as anticoagulants should consult with a physician before using this kit.
Is T.M.S.T. safe for children? And if so, at what dosage?
Answer >>
T.M.S.T. is safe for children and provides quick and effective relief even at young ages. The recommended dosage is once a day (unlike adults, who should use it 3 times per day).
What is the difference between traditional treatment and T.M.S.T. treatment?
Answer >>
Traditional treatment, prescribed by physicians, targets only the symptom – the lesionson the skin – and therefore does not provide a long term solution. T.M.S.T. treats the source of the problem and balances body systems, in order to eliminate the disease for the long term.
Is T.M.S.T. suitable for treating psoriasis on the scalp?
Answer >>
Definitely. T.M.S.T. treats all types of psoriasis, for all types of humans, at different places and different severity levels.
A few people in my family suffer from psoriasis and I was told this is a genetic disease. Can T.M.S.T. help me?
Answer >>
It is believed that psoriasis has a genetic component to it, nevertheless, while treating families with a background of skin issues, it was discovered the system works individually and leads to improving the internal processes, balancing the faulty systems and healing.
I suffer from skin lesions, itching and squamous for many years, but thephysicians I visited were not able to diagnose it as psoriasis. Can T.M.S.T. help me?
Answer >>
T.M.S.T. was proven to be an extremely successful treatment to skin diseases that were not diagnosed as psoriasis and carry similar symptoms. The system was developed by therapists specializing in chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, etc.
Can I use T.M.S.T. without implementing any nutritional change to my diet?
Answer >>
No. The kit combines a unique and specific treatment method, where each instruction is crucial to the success of the treatment. Therefore, you must follow the instructions and implement it precisely and fully.
I've been using a certain kind of ointment for many years, should I continue using it during the treatment?
Answer >>
The treatment kit contains all the components required for a successful treatment. Using an ointment which is not part of the kit might negatively affect the effectiveness and of the treatment and its success.
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