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The T.M.S.T Method – a Glance  at the Skin

The T.M.S.T Method – a Glance at the Skin

Psoriasis is characterized in an increased rate of skin cell division. New skin cells are created 10 times faster than their normal rate. This growth rate is much faster than the cell loss rate, such that the skin cells accumulate and the typical psoriasis squamous appears.


T.M.S.T. allows seeing betterment at early stages and manifests as changes in the skin. Alongside the decreased rate of cell division, one can see a healing of the initial cicatrize, as well as a decrease in the itching and sense of discomfort. Together with consuming the ingredients of the system and strictly maintaining the balanced diet, you should also use the special cream, which provides initial fast relief. The cream is based on an emulsion of plant extracts and essential oils and is completely natural.


Treatment with the T.M.S.T method balances the body's systems that have become unbalanced. Once again, the digestive systems breaks down proteins and other nutrients, the normal flora in the intestines returns to a balanced state, the liver is cleansed and the blood is toxin free.  The immune system stops attacking itself and the skin slowly becomes homogenous, clear, elastic and healthy. 

The T.M.S.T Method – a Glance  at the Skin
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