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The T.M.S.T Method – a  Glance  at the Immune System

The T.M.S.T Method – a Glance at the Immune System

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease in which the immune system falsely identifies healthy cells as foreign and attacks them. This false identification leads to a violent reaction by the immune system and to the development of symptoms on the skin that look like red afflictions on the skin, dandruff, itchiness, pruritus and irritation. The disease is primarily due to a failure in Type T lymphocyte cells that encourage the secretion of cytotoxic compounds and an inflammatory reaction.


One of the causes for this disease formation is the immune system and the autoimmune mechanisms.
Autoimmune illnesses manifest as an improper immunereaction against healthy cells, tissues and organs. The immune system does not identify normal components of the body and starts creating independent antibodies, to attack these cells, tissues and organs. 


New conventional medicine that weaken the immune system, expose humans to many illnesses due to exposure to pathogenic and contaminating elements. A common mistake of the traditional medicine is to assume that the immune system must be oppressed and destroyed in order to treat psoriasis, when the truth is the complete opposite. It must be nourished, normalized and regulated, while regaining balance, in order for it to normally function and stop wrongly identifying its cells as pathogens.
T.M.S.T. works inside the immune system, treats and normalizes its activity and allows normal cell division. 

The T.M.S.T Method – a  Glance  at the Immune System
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