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The T.M.S.T Method – a  Glance  at the Liver

The T.M.S.T Method – a Glance at the Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs for cleansing and removing toxins from the body and the blood.  The blood reaches the liver  rich with nutritional components absorbed from the digestive system.  These components are broken down and undergo processes of digestion and the cleansing of unwanted toxins. When the liver is burdened by an excess of toxins, its normal function is impaired. Toxicity levels rise and symptoms of psoriasis  escalate. There is a close connection between liver function and chronic skin diseases.


One of the causes for psoriasis formation is malfunctioning of the liver.
Excess toxicity in the blood is created when the body is loaded with toxins and is unable to handle theirdisposal rate. In fact, deterioration in the liver functioning harmsthe body's ability to clear the blood from toxins. The body usually disposes toxins in many ways; one of them is via the skin, which is whychronic diseases manifestation on the skin is a common phenomenon in high toxic cases.


T.M.S.T. sees the liver as a main cause for the illness. There is great importance to treating and cleansing the liver, to allow detoxification and normal blood filtering. Treating the liver with T.M.S.T. will decrease the amount of toxic waste and help improve digestion.

The T.M.S.T Method – a  Glance  at the Liver
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