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The T.M.S.T Method - a Glance at the Digestive System

The T.M.S.T Method - a Glance at the Digestive System

One of the causes for psoriasis is the digestive system functioning. A majorreason for psoriasis is lack of balance in essential amino acids in the body, caused by impaired digestion and absorption of proteins, usually caused by a lack or defect in the creation of enzymes responsible for protein synthesis.


When the intestine doesn’t digest protein properly or when there is incomplete absorption of amino acids, a few toxic and harmful compounds are created, the primary one is called polyamines.  In fact, the indigested proteins serve as bedding for bacteria to form the abovementioned harmful substances, which eventually causes deterioration in skin cell division rate. It appears that psoriasis patients have high levels of these harmful compounds. A clinical improvement in the illness symptoms will express in low levels of polyamines in the urine and skin.


In addition, insufficient nutrition and abnormal intestine flora thins out the "friendly" bacteria population in the intestine and serves as bedding for the formation of infections and toxicity in the intestine, which directly correlates to the development of the illness. Therefore, according to the T.M.S.T. system, proper handling of selected food products is crucial during treatment.


The digestive system is a main source for psoriasis formation and therefore, T.M.S.T. ascribes major importance to its proper functioning.


With its unique way, the T.M.S.T. system corrects the imbalance and allows proper regulation and functioning of the digestive system.

The T.M.S.T Method - a Glance at the Digestive System
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