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T.M.S.T. – Science and Nature

T.M.S.T. – Science and Nature

 T.M.S.T  is a natural healing method based on the 3-phase principle . It offers the winning combination for the solution derived from the close connection between internal body processes and what is visible on the surface of the skin, while restoring a state of balance to each of the body's systems.


The T.M.S.T method seeks to create balance and to improve the  internal processes of our body (the immune system, the digestive system, the liver and more) and thus provide the skin with a healthy, elastic look, without signs of flakiness, dandruff  or irritating rashes.


Combined with changes in nutritional habits, the method leads to an improvement in the quality of life,
 a drastic change in the function of the body's systems and enhances the appearance of the skin.

The T.M.S.T method assures a focused and efficient response to the problem, provides significant, short-term relief  and prevents the problem from returning in the long term.


T.M.S.T. is a well-known and common method around the world, used by experienced senior therapists. T.M.S.T. is a breakthrough in treating psoriasis, which takes the nature of the treatment one step forward. T.M.S.T. sees the body as whole and believes that when one system goes out of balance, additional systems as affected and the organs' function begins to deteriorate.


In its unique way, T.M.S.T.regains balance to each of the deteriorated systems and provides not only external solution but rather a long-term recovery.

T.M.S.T. – Science and Nature
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